Emerging Biotechnology: Innovations for the Life Sciences

NuMat is a leading expert in designing and producing metal organic framework (MOF) chemistries for complex packaging, delivery and purification challenges in the biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors. We both develop and license technologies that provide material advantage, helping create a valuable pipeline of pre-clinical programs for our partners.


Nanoparticle drug delivery

Encapsulating therapeutics in biocompatible nanoparticle carriers is a leading area of research and development within biotechnology. Nanoparticles can facilitate paracellular and transcellular transport of drugs across the mucosal barrier while protecting the drug from degradation in the body before it reaches its target. Ideally, nanoparticles should be as small as possible to reduce potential side effects, but that limits loading capacity for the therapeutics. MOFs are emerging as an ideal category of nanoparticles for this task, as they offer a higher capacity than other nanoporous materials and can be uniquely designed to release therapeutic drugs under diverse conditions.

Using MOFs, researchers have created a range of immobilized enzyme systems that can be tuned to therapeutic applications, taking advantage of the unique pore systems that can be engineered within the materials.

NuMat is actively developing a portfolio of technologies with our research partners to advance the field of therapeutic delivery systems. This includes pre-clinical work demonstrating the viability of MOFs as an encapsulation mechanism for the controlled release of insulin via oral delivery. Here, acid-stable MOF capsules were designed to prevent insulin from degrading in the stomach while allowing for controlled release of the drug under simulated physiological conditions.

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Advanced purification

Purification processes are a major cost driver for drug manufacturing and are also a performance limiting parameter in a diverse range of medical devices, from blood purification to portable oxygen concentrators to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. NuMat is developing a portfolio of biocompatible purification media with partners that both complement existing processes, or enable new ones.

With NuMat’s Next Nine™, MOFs can be tailor designed to significantly improve process yield and separation efficiency through the ultra-selective removal of targeted impurities.


From catalysis to imaging, MOFs can be precisely engineered across a variety of diagnostic applications. NuMat is actively developing a portfolio of technologies with research partners to advance the field of next generation diagnostic systems. This includes pre-clinical work developing a biocompatible bismuth MOF as a contrast dye for X-ray computed tomography (CT), a noninvasive, 3-D medical imaging technique. Current contrast agents are based on molecules composed of barium or iodine, both of which induce adverse side effects.

Medical Gas Delivery and Recycling

NuMat is developing a portfolio of innovative products for the packaging, delivery and recycling of therapeutic, surgical and anesthetic gases which both reduce the cost of care and improve patient outcomes. This includes developing a next-generation packaging platform which miniaturizes gas delivery systems while increasing delivered capacity.