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NuMat has created a proprietary innovation engine for molecular engineering: a workflow that rapidly discovers, scales, and integrates molecularly precise materials into engineered products and systems that solve persistent innovation challenges in the electronics, life sciences, industrial, and defense sectors.

The NuMat workflow leverages word-class capabilities in high-performance computing, data analytics, chemistry, process engineering and manufacturing. The result is a fully integrated solutions platform, from leading edge R&D to manufacturing and the supply-chain.

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Computationally Driven Discovery /

High-throughput Synthesis

NuMat is a pioneer in the application of supercomputing to the design of molecularly engineered materials. NuMat’s world-class material discovery platform creates millions of hypothetical structures, stores these structures in databases, and then uses high-performance computing to rapidly simulate their properties for targeted uses, helping select the right material for the right application.

NuMat then validates predicted performance through an automated workflow that includes high throughput synthesis and experimentation, providing a powerful prediction-meets-data feedback loop. This capital-light approach allows NuMat to dramatically reduce development cycles, rapidly generate IP, and support valuable application platforms with tailor-designed solutions.

NuMat has applied its computational discovery process to metal-organic frameworks – or MOFs – a class of highly programmable nanoporous materials. Computationally-driven experimentation can take the infinite world of MOFs and bring it down to only the most promising candidates for the applications that matter.  

rapid synthesis

Process Scale Up

After experimental validation, selected materials transition to NuMat’s state-of-the-art pilot or commercial-scale operations, where a team of dedicated process engineers scale materials from gram to kilogram or ton-scale. They bring expertise in yield optimization, post-synthesis functionalization, and formation into engineered shapes. These capabilities are key to enabling rapid scale-up and application prototyping – helping bridging the gap from lab to market.


Application Development

After material selection and scale-up, NuMat’s team of application and design engineers integrate materials into prototype systems for validation. This might take the form of an advanced packaging, separation, purification, or filtration system between 1/100th to full scale. Rigorous qualification testing may include cycle, purity and yield tests under a range of real-world operating conditions – all performed in-house. System-level performance data is then used to either qualify product and process design, or inform design “tweaks” to materials. This integrated approach to application development helps bridge the material to product gap at a fraction of the cost and time. 

Material Integration

Product Launch

After system validation, a team of manufacturing, quality, and commercial experts will work directly with partners and customers in transitioning products to market. Often, NuMat owns the global supply-chain, from commercial scale-up of materials, to end-product or skid assembly and manufacture in our ISO:9001 certified facility – the first in the world dedicated to MOF-enabled products. Our management system integrates state-of-the-art analytical capabilities with batch-level data and global asset tracking software, providing full traceability and visibility on every step of the production process and supply chain.

product launch