NuMat provides a total solutions platform for product commercialization, pairing world-class material discovery software with application development and manufacturing expertise. Through these capabilities, we build fully engineered, material-enabled hardware systems that solve the most demanding customer requirements.

An atomically engineered solution.

The biggest problems often require the smallest solutions. NuMat is a recognized pioneer in the design of atomically-engineered materials called MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks). MOFs are a breakthrough material class with vast surface areas, highly tunable porosities, and near-infinite combinatorial possibilities. Critically, they can be programmed to uniquely interact with target molecules in ways that incumbent material technologies cannot, providing a differentiated platform for downstream product and process innovation.


Materials science meets big data.

We design atomically engineered materials through the application of modern computing infrastructure to proprietary material discovery algorithms. Using our world-class discovery platform, we create millions of hypothetical structures, store these structures in databases, and then use high-performance computing to rapidly simulate their properties. We then experimentally validate the performance of materials through an automated workflow, providing a powerful prediction-meets-data feedback loop. This capital-light approach allows us to dramatically reduce development cycles, rapidly generate IP, and support valuable application platforms with tailor-designed solutions.

atomically engineered materials

Scaling novel technology.

NuMat’s state-of-the-art pilot and commercial-scale operations support the rapid scale-up of target materials from milligram to ton scales. Beyond scale-up, our dedicated team of process engineers bring years of expertise in yield optimization, post-synthesis processing, and material formation. These capabilities are critical in informing our development activities, supporting rapid prototyping, and ensuring we prioritize scalable, cost-enabled materials.

rapid scale up

System engineering and product design.

Beyond material discovery, NuMat’s core expertise is in the rapid design, integration, and build of hardware systems enabled by novel material technologies. To do this, we focus first on the performance requirements of fully integrated systems. We then work backwards to identify the enabling properties of candidate materials which will translate to our target performance requirements. Our experience shows this is the key capability gap in material commercialization. NuMat’s team brings years of experience in successfully developing the material-enabled product platforms the world wants and needs.

beyond material discovery

Best-in-class quality management systems.

NuMat builds the hardware products we’ve designed in our ISO:9001 certified assembly facility. Our best-in-class quality management system integrates state-of-the-art analytical capabilities with batch-level data and global asset tracking software, providing full traceability and visibility on every step of the production process and supply chain.

We are committed to achieving business excellence through the development of innovative products and processes that critically depend on material performance. To do so, we will execute flawlessly against customer and partner requirements, exceed best in class quality standards and maintain regulatory and safety compliance, all while continuously improving our operations and quality management systems.

– Ben Hernandez (CEO)