True material innovation is hard. The discovery process is complex, expensive, and technically high risk. And discovery is only the beginning: While novel materials may have compelling performance characteristics at small scale, this performance may not translate in an integrated system, let alone achieve the scale, cost, and quality requirements for market adoption.

As a result, it often takes 20 to 30 years for materials innovations to create new industries and displace incumbents on the global marketplace.

NuMat is creating a new way forward by partnering with the world’s leading organizations to more quickly create new markets and industries. Fueling us are fundamental scientific advancements in high-performance computing, predictive analytics, chemistry, and engineered system design.

The Linde Group
Versum Materials
Department of Energy
Department of Defense
Northwestern University

Bring Us Your Toughest Problems

We Don't Just Make Materials, We Provide Total Solutions

NuMat solves intractable innovation challenges by applying our molecular engineering workflow, from material discovery to process scale-up and integration. This total solutions approach enables us dramatically reduce R&D cycle time and costs and to increase the probability of success.

Our diverse partnership portfolio includes developing next-generation storage, separation,
and purification technologies, as well as advanced new materials with market leaders in the following industries:

Advanced Manufacturing

Micro electronics

Life sciences



Industrial and Defense Sectors