We partner with the world’s leading organizations to develop new technologies, products, and markets. Our activities include leading-edge material R&D, application joint development, manufacturing, and supply-chain integration toward global product launches. As a developer of integrated solutions, we are capable of leading complex development programs from ideation through customer qualification.

Today, our diverse partnership portfolio involves developing next-generation gas delivery, separation, and purification technologies, as well as advanced materials for the electronics, healthcare, industrial technology, and energy sectors.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Our Partnership Rationale

True technology innovation is hard.

At NuMat, our partnering thesis involves a set of core questions.

  • Can we design and develop a better product through partnering?
  • Can we introduce a new product faster together?
  • Can we reduce costs and risks through partnering?
  • If successful, are we creating sufficient value to justify our joint investment?

Risk Sharing + Open Innovation

Our Partnership Approach

Our experience has shown that the most successful development partnerships involve the following elements.

  • An open innovation approach with an emphasis on application discovery
  • Committed technical and commercial engagement across both organizations
  • Stage-gate methodology with defined milestones and clear objectives
  • An emphasis on early proofs of concept and rapid, low-cost prototyping toward Go/No-Go decisions
  • Risk sharing with each party contributing expertise and resources to help the other be successful

We pride ourselves on being trusted collaborators who care deeply about our partner’s success. This is our ethos and how we do business.

Example Partnerships

The Linde Group
Versum Materials
Department of Defense
Department of Energy
Northwestern University