NuMat Technologies, Inc., is a U.S. technology company innovating at the intersection of high-performance computing, chemistry, and hardware systems. We work with leading partners in the semiconductor, life-sciences, and energy sectors to design material-enabled products that meet the most demanding customer requirements. NuMat is a recognized pioneer in the field of metal-organic frameworks — MOFs — an emerging class of nanoporous materials.

A platform for product and process innovation.

NuMat’s expertise lies in the design and integration of atomically engineered materials into next-generation storage, separation, and purification systems.

Partnerships driving industry innovation.

We partner with the world’s leading organizations to develop new technologies, products, and markets.

Latest News

MOFs: The Plastics of the 21st Century

October 2018

In a thought leadership piece published in Scientific American, NuMat co-founders Ben Hernandez and Professor's Omar Farha and Chris Wilmer, discuss how MOFs will play a significant role in everyday life, following the adoption curve of plastics in the 20th century.

Nanotechnology in Nature

September 2018

NuMat sponsors the International Institute for Nanotechnology's 2018 Symposium focusing on Nanotechnology in Nature: Light, Electrons, and Life. This annual symposium provides a unique opportunity for leaders in the fields of nanoscience to interact and collaborate addressing the world’s most pressing problems, such as medicine, environmental science, information technology, and energy.

The Future of Ion Implantation

September 2018

NuMat sponsors the 22nd International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology hosted in Würzburg, Germany. This conference focuses on emerging technologies in the semiconductor, non-semiconductor, and implantation device industries, bringing together leaders in industry, research, and academia to present their ideas for new applications. Infineon Technologies AG, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, presented their successful evaluation of NuMat's ION-X (TM), as a platform for safe gas delivery.