Research Engineer

Position Overview

As a research engineer, you will work with the R&D and engineering teams to design, operate, and evaluate experiments using custom built testing apparatus. Working at a vibrant small business, you will be exposed to and integrated into the entire technical team (R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and operations). Most projects will involve the build-out of experimental systems, setup of analytical lab equipment, running experiments, collecting data, and interpreting the results into actionable outcomes.


  • Build and test research-scale equipment (hardware, control systems, electronics) to validate the performance of advanced materials (i.e. adsorption, filtration, separation systems)
  • Contribute to the experimental and system designs
  • R&D breakthrough measurements
  • Execute experiments
  • Collect the experimental data and analyze the results
  • In an environment of continuous improvement, identify and champion enhancements to processes and systems throughout the RD&E organization

Individual Characteristics

  • You enjoy building systems and scientific apparatus
  • You are familiar with the measurement and control of flow rate, pressure, temperature, valves, vacuum components used in common gas and liquid delivery manifolds
  • You are familiar with pipe and tube fittings (NPT, compression, VCR, flange, etc.)
  • You are familiar with LabView and/or other control and data-logging platforms
  • Preferably, you have experience with electrical and control wiring
  • Preferably, you have a working knowledge of gas and liquid analytical equipment (i.e. FT-IR, GC, mass spec, HPLC)


At NuMat's main office in beautiful Skokie, IL.


Send us an email with your resume and we'll get back to you to continue the discussion.