Next Nine™: Unlocking the next nine in purity

What is Next Nine™?

Advanced technology that achieves the next order of magnitude in purity
✔ A molecular design platform for advanced adsorbents that remove targeted impurities
✔ The capability to deliver integrated solutions for the toughest product and process challenges
✔ The process to drive separation systems of the future

How does Next Nine™ work?

With Next Nine™ as a platform, NuMat designs curated gas and liquid phase separation solutions that provide material advantage. Using our molecular engineering approach, we develop novel separation systems that unlock previously unachievable process and product improvement. We do this at varying scales – from pressure swing adsorption systems for thousands of metric tons of production, to miniaturized point-of-use purifiers. Next Nine™ is a platform for our customers and partners to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Where is Next Nine™ used?

Next Nine™  advances industries where purity and performance matter, including the microelectronics, life science, and defense sectors.

Sector Profile: Microelectronics

Many new and varied gases are now available to the electronics industry as it works to advance its next node technology. Even parts-per-billion impurities in these gases can dramatically impact device performance. The International Roadmap for Devices and Systems lists gas purity as the biggest challenge for advancement into the sub 10 nanometer microelectronics devices. NuMat scientists and engineers can create and program metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to selectively isolate target gas molecules with unprecedented precision and design flexibility. By removing seemingly impossible-to-eliminate impurities, our enabling technology realizes unparalleled gas purity levels in applications where performance matters.


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